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  7. ah I haven't been to that aquarium yet since I moved up here. It looks like a good one! definitely on my mini road trip list! Great pics, I know it's hard to catch 'em when they're swimming by!

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  21. Love this post. This has been somewhat of an issue with my oldest for years. She is now 14 and I think I will have her read this. I tried for years to teach her the “wise counsel” principle but not necessarily from a biblical point of view. I put it more in the sense of helping one another to do what is right instead of bossing and then tattling when they don’t obey you. Anyway, I love this approach. I will share it with my homeschool group. Thanks.[]

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  23. I haven’t seen it in years, so I will watch it soon and comment on it. As I recall, you are accurate on it being too modern. I did not find the characterizations to be realistic. I think it is overrated, but may think differently after a new viewing.

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  25. Chanx…nanti kalo mau bikin kartu nama lagi, desainnya pake jasa aku aja… ummm.. kartu namanya sih “bagus”… tapi kok fontnya kayak film Pemburu Hantu XD*yg bagi2 kartu nama di We3 dengan noraknya itu ndak ditulis Chanx? aku yg denger tanpa ngliat adegannya aja lucu mbayanginnya

  26. birtcofton hola, ya baje el firmware desde el enlace manual, pero es en extensión ZIP, y cuando hago clic en restaurar + shift desde el itunes me pide un archivo iPSW. Como hago?

  27. While they all talk about the benefits of small businesses on this economy and local communities, few do anything to promote them. Small business owners need to unite.

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  29. For me graffiti and street art are two overlapping things, but the thing they both have in common is that some thought is put into them, whether it’s to send a message or just to make a bare wall look better. Vandalism on the other hand is the human equivalent of a dog pissing up a lamppost, it’s the ugly scrawls that make up tags and gang signs. Great pictures by the way, I think the last one with the two men holding the fish is my favourite!

  30. This is Char’s mama in law entering for Char because she is busy in the hospital after having Troy. I know she loves Toms and needs a new pair! I think Char watches parenthood…if not she should! I love it. And I love you Julo.

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  37. I loved the episodes of that one girl having a crush on him, when it turned out it was mutual. :) That was interesting – too bad it’s only a half hour. He’s a bit tame in my opinion – he needs more interaction and opinions if you ask me. I know that psychotherapy doesn’t quite involve « opinions » really. 😐

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  59. Speaking of horses… How much longer are you going to beat this dead issue? I mean, it’s been a year. I’d just cut my losses and be done with it – or sue him. Just deal, and move on. It seems as if a year’s worth of frustraton just isn’t worth a goddamn coffee table. Just saying.

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  63. I have never been more confused about how to vote for an election in my life. I also have never done the “protest vote” thing. But this Labor government is so insupportable what to do? Could voting for a group of sub 3 digit IQ knuckle-dragging Xian-nutters really have THAT much impact on trains and buses? Surely, there comes a time when for the good of the whole process a mob HAS to go regardless?

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  68. I would think so, Stan!Sue- I know the bread you mean – it was my favorite too, and it has been years since you could find it in the store.Ann – that is the old recipe I used to have as well. I changed it because we found that version to be too sweet, and the baking soda didn’t seem to do much. I don’t think fresh dill weed works nearly as well though – the dried has a much more concentrated flavor. Thanks for telling me the source of the original – I just have it hand written on an old recipe card.

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